Gabrielle Appleford and Stephen McDowell have been living for the better part of three decades across several continents, climates and cultures. Life has been busy and uncertain but they would have it no other way. Over the years of travel they began to fall in love, like most people do, with France.

They began thinking of finding a place where for a few moments in the year everyone could come together with family and friends and appreciate the time shared. To savour the fading sunlight with a beautiful glass of red wine or walk through old oak forests into clearings where centuries old castles still remain. In time their dream began to shape into a reality. After years of searching they finally found a home that was both beautiful, warm, inviting and with large expanses of forests, vineyards and quaint villages to keep any restless spirit entertained for a life time. A painters paradise, a poets muse, a walkers haven and a food lovers mecca, all this and more await at the foothills of the Cevennes in Monoblet.

Welcome to Mas de L’Aire. Introducing your new favourite destination in France…