Mas De l’air is a renovated old farm manor that has seen additions added to it over the centuries – you can see this for yourself as you move through the various rooms. Walls over two feet thick once housed farm animals and grain. The kitchen area used to be a secret protestant church during the wars of religion, we even have a trap door where priests would hide! Through its’ history to the present, there is ample space provided for large parties to sleep and live comfortably, through the sunny days and on rare occasions the rainy ones.

The Orangerie:

This is one of the most spacious rooms with large glass doors opening onto the verdant garden. It has a built in shower and toilet and acts as a self contained apartment, separated by the main section of the house by a few meters. Perfect for couples escaping the family gathering, or to keep boisterous young children at bay.

Ground Floor:

On this floor there is the main kitchen, dining room, utility room and two of the bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom.

Main Floor:

There are two living room spaces, one with a TV and one with a fire place, both suitable for large groups. There is a second kitchen in the ‘sun room’ area with stunning views of the Chateau Fressac adjacent to a Hemmingway inspired study/whisky room. There is also a large bedroom (blue room) with an ensuite bathroom.

Upper Floor:

This floor has an impressive large book case, we ask if people have books to shed on their journeys that they have a home here. There is also an impressive collection of masks from the South Pacific, Western and Central Africa and Mexico, alongside other antiques from across the globe. The loft is above the reading area and is perfect for young children. The master bedroom has stunning views of the Jumelles mountains.

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